How to Fix SCANDRV.DLL Error

Error issue with SCANDRV.DLL file is a problem that happens quite frequently on the computer as it is often overused or properly utilized by the users. If one don't know what makes this error and what's the proper solution to figure it out. It will be a bumpy road for people to fix related error well on PC.

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File information

File SCANDRV.DLL is a component of the Windows operating system that perform the unique features and functions on the computer, it is often closely related to many installed programs and system registries, and cannot be stopped or removed optionally. If you suddenly get the file problem on PC, you may need to go deeper and see where the problem comes from.

File Information

File name: SCANDRV.DLL
File size: 639 KB
Affected OS: Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/7
Risk level: Medium
Recommended: Scan related errors

Why does the error occur?

There are many cases that could cause the error issue on the computer, sometimes you can get some information from the error messages like "SCANDRV.DLL is corrupted" or "SCANDRV.DLL cannot be found on the PC", or you can find the problem from the following possible causes:

  • The file is deleted or overwritten by some program
  • DLL error issue
  • Outdated Windows system cannot load it properly
  • Incompatibility between the file and the program you newly installed
  • Virus or spyware infection problem
  • System registry errors
  • Blue Screen of Death

Consequence of getting the error

It does not a good thing for the computer performance once to be troubled by the error issue, for that many applications and features will be affected. Generally, the computer running speed become much slower, some programs cannot operate smoothly, system registries encounter the error issues, Blue Screen of Death, and the most annoying, you will constantly receive the error messages until you fix SCANDRV.DLL error well on the PC. Therefore, it is time to learn some ways to get rif od this error problem.

Available information to help you fix SCANDRV.DLL error well

Uninstall and reinstall the related application

If it is found that the error notification starts to appear after installing a new application on the computer, you should consider whether the problem locates on the newly installed program. And you can try to uninstall the program on the PC, and install another version which is more compatible with your Windows operating system to fix it.

To reinstall the program on computer, it is very important to make sure the complete removal of the current one on the PC, otherwise, you will be refused to install the program again as the computer judging that the program has been on the machine. So, in order to make sure the complete removal of the program, please take an effective way to conduct the uninstallation, and a sophisticated uninstall tool will be a good choice and help you to scan and remove all of components without any further problem.

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Scan and remove virus infection

Malicious virus is always a popular attacker that alway expand the infection on the computer in different ways, and finally, they will delete the important files and processes, modify data, chang system settings and monitor the users' behaviors on the PC. Therefore, you should perform a check for the computer security, and prevent the file being damaged or removed by the infected viruses or malware, please apply a professional antivirus program to find out all of infections hiding in the computer system, and clean them completely and thoroughly to protect the computer.

Please remember to open the real-time protection of the antivirus program and keep the virus database up-to-date, otherwise it is easy for the computer being compromised by the viruses.

Re-install or re-register the DLL file on the system

To avoid the case that the file or process is damaged or deleted, you should get a new one on your computer system to re-register it again on the PC.

  • Download a new copy of this file from the Internet, save and unzip the file on the hard drive
  • Go to the directory of this file (usually locates the system folder: c:\Windows\System32)
  • Find and locate the current SCANDRV.DLL file
  • Change its name for backup
  • Move the new file to the same place, and go to register it on the Windows system
  • Click on the Start icon > select Run
  • Type "cmd" on the box, and press Enter to go to the next step
  • Type "regsvr_SCANDRV.DLL" on the new box, press Enter to register the file on Windows system

Update system and drivers

The outdated system or drivers often unable to read or load some files and processes when they are needed by the computer users or associated application, thus the error message will appear. Therefore, you should pay attention to update your Windows system and drivers regularly. Here are the instructions about how to install available updates on your Windows system:

  • Click on the Start icon > select All Programs > Windows Update
  • Click Check for updates on the left side, then the Windows will show you all the latest available updates
  • Choose and install the optional updates on your PC
  • If you are required to enter the administrator password for confirmation, please remember to enter your password

Fix computer error with Registry Optimizer

When encounter an error issue, it is also very possible that your registry database gets some problems, and some registries fail to be read and operated as usual. In this situation, to fix the error, you had better to do a complete scan and repair for your Windows system registry, and make sure all of files and data inside can be processed smoothly. Thus, you will not be troubled by the error problem in system registry, and also resolve the related problems well. And a reliable Registry Optimizer is always the best tool to help people get rid of various kinds of registry issues effectively.

Steps to fix the error with Registry Optimizer:

  • Open the Registry Optimizer on your computer, click to scan the whole system to find out all of registry issues
  • Wait for the scan result, and choose to fix the detected problems completely
  • When the error fixing completed, close the program and reboot your computer

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